Meal Ideas – Wild Foods

Wild foods are readily available in the world around us. If you know where and how to forage for them, you can wild food into delicious and healthy dishes and drinks!

blanched fiddleheads layed out on a tray ready to be frozen
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Freezing Fiddleheads

Fiddleheads are a delicious wild Spring vegetable, only available for two or three weeks of the year. Their short availability makes them quite expensive if you don’t want to forage for them yourself. Since fiddleheads don’t particularly store well fresh, freezing fiddleheads is a great way to store them for […]

A tart and slightly fruity tea this wild rose hip tea is excellent for use in combating colds and flu's due to it's high Vitamin C content.
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Wild Rose Hip Tea

Once a very popular forageable food item, rose hips or rose haw are an excellent choice for anyone wanting start foraging. They are easy to identify, and traditionally, women and children were encouraged to harvest these wild fruits and grow roses in early kitchen gardens for easy access. Rose hips […]