An elegant looking, yet simple to make blueberry pavlova recipe. The ideal summer dessert to enjoy with friends, or to impress with on a special occasion.
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Blueberry Pavlova – A Simple & Elegant Dessert

Pavlova is a very classical dessert first popularized in New Zealand and Australia in the early 1900’s, and is actually considered their National Dessert. While the exact date and inventor will probably remain a mystery, it’s generally accepted to have been created in tribute to Anna Pavlova a Russian ballerina, […]

Nanaimo Bars are easy to make at home and a family favortite during the holidays
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Nanaimo Bars – A Canadian Tradition

This recipe is part of  series featuring popular holiday desserts in my family. The last recipe was  a German cookie recipe that my mother would make every year for christmas. So I thought for this next recipe I should do something purely Canadian.  I sought out the advice of my […]