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A delicious and healthy side dish to serve alongside meats, this braised red cabbage recipe is the perfect addition to your next meal.
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Braised Red Cabbage (Rotkohl) with Blueberries & Cloves

A year round popular side dish in Germany, braised red cabbage or rotkohl makes a delicious and healthy addition to meats and holiday dinners.

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Christmas Food Advent Calendar | Spice It Up!

In our family, every year during the Christmas season we hang and open an advent calendar. A traditional German custom, this practice has made it’s way to North America, and every day a new ‘door’ is opened in the advent calendar revealing treat and counting down the days until Christmas. […]

German Candied almonds
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Candied Almonds (Gebrannte Mandeln) | A Traditional German Christmas Treat

Candied almonds, or gebrannte mandeln as they are called in Germany, are a traditional treat most often sold during the Christmas season at Christmas markets and fairs. Growing up in Canada, I was fortunate enough to be able to visit my family a few times during the Holiday season, and […]