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Learn all about foraging and harvesting wild foods in the environment around us! Basic knowledge, tips, and recipes for foragers of every skill level!

freshkly washed fiddleheads on a wooden cutting board, ready for cooking
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How To Clean and Cook Fiddleheads

If you’ve never tried fiddleheads, your’re missing out! Fiddleheads are a delicate wild spring vegetable, only available for a few weeks every year. They have been considered a delicacy for centuries across North America, Europe, and even Asia, and have been prized by chefs for their symbolism of spring, eating […]

A tart and slightly fruity tea this wild rose hip tea is excellent for use in combating colds and flu's due to it's high Vitamin C content.
Earth, Food, Foraging, Meal Ideas - Wild Foods

Wild Rose Hip Tea

Once a very popular forageable food item, rose hips or rose haw are an excellent choice for anyone wanting start foraging. They are easy to identify, and traditionally, women and children were encouraged to harvest these wild fruits and grow roses in early kitchen gardens for easy access. Rose hips […]