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a bundle of celery with the bottom cut off

How to re-grow celery at home

Food waste is a huge problem in today’s world. How often have you been at the grocery store in the produce aisle and skipped over a certain head of lettuce, or a batch of tomatoes simply because they did not look as “pretty” as the rest? Believe it or not, […]

Learn how to make your own chicken stock at home. A great addition to soups and sauces, and it helps reduce waste!

Making Chicken Stock From Scratch

A good, high-quality stock is one of cookings worst kept secrets, and one of the simplest things to make. A staple of French cooking, stock, whether it’s the chicken, beef (veal), fish, or vegetable variety, is one of the most underutilised ingredients in todays home kitchens. Most home cooks will […]