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Perfect Maple Balsamic Glazed Chicken, everytime!

Maple & Balsamic Oven Baked Chicken Drumsticks

These Thai-inspired, maple and balsamic oven baked chicken drumsticks are perfect for a family dinner or backyard barbecue. Sticky, sweet, and slightly spicy, these oven baked chicken drumsticks glazed with maple, balsamic make a great finger food or appetizer at parties! This marinade recipe can just as easily be used […]

Close up of German spätzle noodles served in a black bowl

Traditional German Spätzle Recipe

This German spaetzle recipe takes just 20 minutes to prepare, and is a great entry level noodle recipe. Make them from scratch and enjoy authentic German food at home any day of the week!

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi! Welcome to Earth, Food, and Fire. With this food, gardening, and outdoor blog I hope to be able to pass on my love for food and everything outdoors!! Having been employed in the restaurant industry for over 8 years, from a high school “student apprentice”, to slowly working my […]